Consulting Solutions to Create Real Value

Improve strategy execution to improve performance, create value and enhance quality of life.


Execute Strategic Value Creation Solutions


We partner with ownership and management teams to:

  1. Improve financial and organizational performance.
  2. Increase value.
  3. Enhance quality of life.

Our expertise and process enable us to help business leaders solve critical problems affecting their business from innovation to strategy execution solutions implemented end-to-end.


Value Creation Solutions

Delivery of Strategy Execution Solutions

Whether you want to increase sales and earnings, improve execution, get your management team working better together, or grow your international business, we apply real know-how and proven methodology to implement real value creation solutions.

  1. ASSESS: We identify key problems and value gaps though proven expertise, process, and technology. 
  2. SOLVE: We train and coach your leadership team to develop real solutions and create an executable value creation plan.
  3. EXECUTE: We apply real expertise to coach and guide your team through implementation of real value creation solutions.
  4. SUSTAIN and IMPROVE: We coach and guide your team through practical methods to measure performance, sustain gains, and continue to improve and enhance value creation.


We Deliver Solutions to Common Challenges


  • Stagnating sales
  • Margin pressure
  • Cost control
  • Cash flow bottlenecks


  • Leadership team alignment
  • Weak execution
  • Customer retention
  • Diverted focus
  • Quality issues


  • Top line growth 
  • Innovation & product launch
  • Increasing market demand 
  • Adaptability
  • Weak processes & systems


  • Fire fighting
  • Hassles
  • Stress


Value Creation Solutions

We train, consult and coach mid-market ownership and management teams to achieve elevated performance and value creation.


Our value creation consulting solutions:

  • Execution for improved performance
  • Financial performance improvement
  • Top-line growth & innovation
  • Strengthened management teams, processes and systems
  • International growth and execution
  • Improved operational performance




“Matthew Hollingshaus has provided tremendous leadership, guidance, and advice serving our organization for more than 10 years. His experience in applying many business principles and practices has truly helped us accelerate our continuous improvement journey and dodge the hurdles that are foggy – helping to shed light on these diversions. He has led us through several strategic planning cycles, helped us to define our value proposition, and coached us to install a management system that truly engages our team.  This has translated to great customer satisfaction, increased sales and financial performance.  We highly recommend Matthew and his commitment and the value he provides to our company. Matthew has a love and respect for our team and it truly precipitates through consistently coaching to hold people accountable, not just for hitting their numbers or achieving their goals, but first and foremost, for the behaviors that all great organizations require.” Rick Delawder, President, SWD Inc. Addison IL, Chairman of the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association.

“Matthew, I would like to thank you for all of your help and the guidance you have provided to the Midland team over the last 10 years. I also would like to personally thank you for all the support you have given me during that time to help me improve my leadership capabilities. You have been a trusted partner for both myself and our leadership team at Midland. Your extensive business experience as well as your ability to coach and train has been instrumental in our successes at Midland over the last 10 years; and your high ethical standards have built a level of trust that I have never previously experienced with any business consultant in my career. Your work with us on Sales & Operations Planning, International Market Development, and Leadership training has helped us achieve concrete and sustainable business results that have exceeded expectations. In addition, your ability to see the big picture and to work with our team to clearly identify issues and solutions has helped our leadership team grow and improve. I am looking forward continuing to work together with you in the future. I would also be happy to be a reference for any new clients you are looking to bring on board. Thank you again for all your help and support.” Kevin Cook, General Manager, Midland Manufacturing, Skokie, IL


“Matthew's training, coaching and leadership talents have made a significant impact on our leadership team and the performances of our organization, helping us improve service to our customers, grow sales, and substantially improve P&L performance. Matthew was the 6th-man that we needed on the court to help our company reach the next levels of play. The fact that Matthew is an extremely well-rounded business professional, with cross-functional experience (e.g., operations, finance, business development, leadership, continuous improvement, “company politics”, etc.), is a given. However, Matthew also has a special talent in developing high performing teams. Matthew inserted himself directly into our leadership team meetings and professionally challenged our current way of thinking and doing. Matthew actually “re-trained” us on the finer points of execution; coaching us how to reach decisions quickly and avoiding the trap of waiting for even more data or just simply raising more questions. As our trusted advisor and consultant, Matthew's set of differentiators includes:
• Asking the tough (meaningful) questions, in a tactful and direct manner, while creating a safe environment for honest dialogue and decision making;
• The ability to effectively navigate and coach with a complex culture and across multiple countries;
• Challenging our assumptions, views, opinions and paradigms – even if the topic is not comfortable for all team members. He also stopped the team from an endless circle of discussion without conclusion or defined actions;
• Clear, direct communication with regard to how he perceives a given topic and backing it up with real-world experiences (he contributes);
• Helped our team believe in our potential to change, improve and achieve;
• And, if Matthew does not have an answer – he will go and get the right one.
Even more, Matthew’s greatest asset is that he is a person of character – his professionalism and ethical behavior are second to none! Michael McCauley, Director of Sales and Diehl Controls North America. (Subsidiary of The Diehl Group Headquartered in Germany)


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